Video Retainers


Businesses are more aware than ever before of the benefits of keeping a steady stream of fresh content on their social media channels. Gone are the days of spending all your marketing budget on one or two videos a year, you now need to consider the sheer number of posts being created each day on all the available channels. 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day.

Social platforms reward companies for posting regularly. The more you post, the more you’ll show up to potential customers. Some businesses are preferring to spend their marketing budget on quantity exposure, rather than super-refined and carefully crafted videos. We don’t want you to have to forgo quality in favour of quantity, and risk driving customers away.

By working on a retainer contract we’ll agree exactly how many videos you’ll get each month, and you’ll receive the same great service, but with a little less refinement. So, once a script or concept is approved, we’ll film and edit it to that spec, with no revisions. As you’re agreeing to a certain number of videos a month, we can offer the work at a discounted rate – the more videos you require, the lower your per-video rate.

We’ll keep aside a certain number of days a month exclusively for you, to ensure you have a steady stream of fresh content and a library you can use across all your channels. If you want to swap to photography for one month, then we can arrange that for you.

It’s just like having an in-house video and stills team, without the staffing costs.


How it works

Every month we’ll agree a pre-set number of scripts for your approval. Once agreed we’ll film all the required footage on an agreed day at a set location. We can also capture photographs and other content as required. We then edit and deliver the videos to an agreed timetable, ensuring your social feeds are always filled with engaging content.


What if you need to make changes?

Sometimes things change. We won’t create a video you won’t want to use. If the mistake is ours, we’ll fix it straight away. If the mistake is your end, we’ll still fix it, but there may be a small charge, at your discounted rate.

Retainers are about ongoing, genuine relationships with our clients though, so sometimes we fix things for free anyway.


What services are included?

You’ll still receive the full bank of services we offer, but changes can only be made at the scripting and planning stages. Once the video is shot and edited we need to create the content quickly for you. If you trust us to deliver, you’ll get several engaging videos for less than some clients pay for just one.


What flexibility is there?

If you’d rather discuss an hourly retainer – where you pre-purchase a set number of hours a month – you can choose how those are used. For example you may have a long-term project that needs updating, or recurring monthly videos to deliver as part of your Communications Strategy. The set number of hours we agree will be provided at a discounted rate and your jobs will be a priority for our crew, those hours are yours each month, so if you have a project that requires a fast turn around or a longer project that needs crafting and planning we will work with you to deliver. You’ll know how many hours you’ve used up each month, we may need to tweak it to find the right balance. After the first 3 months, we’ll agree an on-going baseline. If you need additional hours, you’ll be charged at a discounted rate. If you don’t use all your hours up, unfortunately you lose them. We’ll make sure you know how many hours are lost, so you can work to utilise them effectively for the future.