Tell your story through podcasting.


Podcasting has more than doubled in the past five years (source: Ofcom), with a huge spike in podcasting in 2020.


More than 7 million people in the UK listen to podcasts each week and it can be a great way to reach new audiences, communicate with your internal audience or engage with potential clients.


Not all podcasts are made equally.


Whilst it is easy to buy a cheap microphone and download some podcasting software, the product you create won’t best represent your brand.


You wouldn’t expect your favourite radio show to scrimp on quality, and if it did you probably wouldn’t tune in next time. Don’t assume your listeners will come back if you make it difficult to hear what you’re saying, or there’s no structure to your podcast. Whether it is part of your internal communications strategy or external marketing budget This Media Larke will ensure you sound professional and engaging. We’ll get your message across to those who need to hear it.


By working with experienced producers and editors, who can provide expert advice on the kit and platforms to use, book guests, deliver briefs and propose questions with an interesting narrative. Take your podcast straight to the next level.


Our Associate Audio Imaging team will craft bespoke jingle and branding packages, whether you’re a one-man band, a corporate client or are working with paying sponsors.


Current projects include the Mentally Health Leaders Podcast. Please click here to listen.


Tom Fox Podcast