Company Videos


Selling is all about storytelling and videos tell your story in the most engaging way.


Nothing builds “know, like and trust” like video


Let This Media Larke tell your company story. Let’s help your clients and customers feel connected to your brand and mission. Showcase your culture or lifestyle alongside your brand and services or product. We’ll discuss ways you can repurpose content from your main video to provide a bank of material for your social channels, to ensure you get the best ‘bang for your buck’. By creating a selection of shareable videos your clients want to comment on we’ll help to increase your SEO and social media engagement.


Showcase your brand

Show-off why you’re the best at what you do & combine it all with testimonials from happy customers.

Want to improve your website’s SEO? Video can do just that! Google favours websites and pages that encourage users to ‘dwell’. So get your potential clients and customers dwelling on your top quality and engaging video content.

This Media Larke works with a team of expert Associates to bring Drone imagery, Graphic Design and Animation to your project as required.



Communicate your services and product lines and let customers know they can feel safe when buying from you. Explain your Covid-Safe measures in a short, impactful video which will ensure your clients feel secure in your company.


Testimonial videos

Don’t just tell your prospects that your clients think you’re great at what you do, let them hear it for themselves in testimonial videos.

Video is your most powerful marketing tool. As consumers we trust video testimonials just as much as we trust reviews from close family and friends. Make sure yours are trustworthy and make sure the subject of your video is representative of your customer base.


Internal Communications

Covid-19 has changed the way we all work. If you need to communicate with your remote workforce, or prepare them for new practices through training, video is the most effective way to engage them and hold their attention.



Webinars aren’t just a marketing tool, they’re a great sales tool too. If you’ve delivered a webinar live, and it hasn’t all gone smoothly, then send it over and we can clean it up for you, before you publish it on your website. It will look more professional and hold your audience’s attention longer.


Green Screen Studio

Have a really important message to deliver, but no suitable location? Then why not use our portable green screen studio, to create a bespoke environment. We can add your branding, slides or images to support your messaging.


This Media Larke offers preferential rates for veteran-owned businesses.