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9 Key Video Content Trends for 2021

What will be the 9 key Video Trends for 2021 and how can you make sure you’re using them to tell the story of your business?

There’s no denying 2020 changed us and many of our habits. But when it comes to video, we just can’t get enough. Video is still the best way to grow the Know, Like and Trust of your brand.

Did you know viewers retain 90% of a message, compared to 10% when reading text alone? According to Forbes 59% of executives would rather watch a video than read text. So whoever your ideal client is, video really must be part of your marketing strategy for 2021.

The Covid Effect

The pandemic has altered the way we plan, shoot and produce video for marketing, but it’s also dramatically increased the demand for video content. It’s predicted that we’ll spend upwards of 100 minutes a day watching online videos during this year.

Search engines such as Google and Bing are changing their algorithms to have an increasing emphasis on video content, and ranking them higher than ever before. From TikTok to LinkedIn Lives and Facebook Stories to Instagram Reels, there is so much video content out there, how do you make sure you keep cutting through the noise of your competitors?

2021 Trends

It’s hard to predict exactly what 2021 will look like, but Kaija Larke of This Media Larke delves into some of the key video trends for 2021, and how you can use them.

Kaija Filming

1. Stay You!

The first and most important point is to stay authentic, stay YOU.

People buy from people, and now more than ever we crave human connections. Let your viewers get to know you. That applies whether you’re connecting through your Instagram stories or your more considered company video for your website.

Amy Bould, MD, Be Bold Media agrees. She says: “If video content was important in 2020, it will be absolutely necessary in 2021 for any business looking to cut through the noise and make an impact. We’re working with clients to find innovative ways to tell human stories via both long and short form video content”.

2. Everybody has a story – So tell it!

At This Media Larke we believe everybody, and every business has a unique story. What differentiates you from your competition and why should clients engage with you over your rivals? Creating videos that share your uniqueness is the key to unlocking more engagement on social media will be a key trend in 2021. That’s true whether you’re a financial services provider, a defence contractor, or a charity seeking to increase your fundraising. Telling human stories that connect your audience directly to you is the key trend that is here to stay.

3. Authenticity Over Perfection

Once upon a time, the idea of creating a company video from your kitchen or spare bedroom, without a full face of make-up, a newly pressed suit and carefully placed corporate branding in the background was the stuff of nightmares. But roll into 2021 and we have all become accustomed to having a virtual window into each other’s homes. Millions of video meetings are conducted every hour with attendees sat in comfy lycra, attempting to avoid the disruptions of the home-schooling children or hungry dogs. But the question remains; is this how you want to portray your business to those who don’t yet know you?

Alex Griffiths, Head of Content at BFBS Creative says while raw is real, professional is still possible: “2020 was the year of doing things at home; trying to cobble together some filming equipment and finding a way of promoting your message. These rough and ready videos created by both big and small businesses initially stood out and were great at catching your attention… but did it hold it? The simple messaging within these videos was great – no complicated campaign was needed to get their point across. There was a willing and receptive audience there because no one had anything else to do but consume content at home.

However, the novelty of these stay-at-home, made-at-home videos soon wore off with the number of companies giving it a go. The ones that still stand out and hold the attention of the viewer are those that have kept the simple messaging but adapted and been able to create high-end content despite the ongoing restrictions. High-end video production is absolutely possible in the current climate, all that’s required is a little creativity from the experts.”

4. Don’t forget Facebook!

It’s remiss to discuss social media video without talking about Facebook. In 2016 Facebook VP Nicola Mendelsohn predicted that within five years the platform would be ALL video and no text. She may not have been totally on the money, but the use of videos and gifs are certainly king and queen of the scroll. When using Facebook you have a mere 2.7 seconds to grab the attention of someone browsing their newsfeed. For 2021, businesses need to be focussing on the newsfeed. Data from Q3 of 2020 shows that Facebook’s newsfeed received more than 58% of relative ad spend by businesses, due in large part to a far higher click-through rate.

5. Webinars are here to stay

Whilst most of us are craving the time we can get back to in-person events, the pandemic has given rise to the webinar as a useful stop-gap. Even after 2021, it is expected that they will work alongside traditional conferences even when face-to-face is back, due to production costs being substantially lower and the lack of a need to travel long distances to attend in person.

The great thing about webinars is that they place you as the expert in your chosen field and when done right, provide your audience with some enhanced educational value and insight. Production values don’t need to be top notch for webinars, a steady camera and a good set of engaging slides can be all you need.

TOP TIP: Most webinars offer the opportunity to catch up ‘on demand’ afterwards so you can also edit them when presenting live doesn’t quite go to plan. Maybe your slides misfire, maybe you stumble and stutter over your words or a dog barks just as you deliver your all important call-to-action. This Media Larke can take your pre-recorded webinar and give it the professional polish it needs to ensure that you can reuse it time and again across your social media channels. Webinars are here to stay, so make sure yours looks accomplished and not amateurish. 

6. Live Shopping and Augmented Reality

Consumers need to feel connected to the brands they buy and while online shopping has become a way of life, many of us still crave the joy of real-life shopping. Augmented Reality (AR) and Live Shopping are going to be key in 2021 if your business is product-focused.

Shoppable videos bring the convenience of clicking ‘buy’ and speeds up the commitment to spend.

Platforms like Instagram have seen a huge growth in this over the past year, usually via a link at the end of the video or in the accompanying text. 2021 will see this become much more sophisticated though, allowing you to hover over a product you like the look of and find out all the specifications, price tag and to allow you to purchase while the video is still playing.

7. Live Streaming

Whilst we may be missing live streaming of major events, it doesn’t mean live streaming is dead. Quite the opposite for 2021. It’s not just influencers who are going live several times a day, but business owners are using Lives to connect with their audiences frequently whether on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. The recently launched LinkedIn Live is already seeing seven times more engagement on live videos and 24 times more comments. How frequently you use live facilities will depend on what you’re doing and which platform you favour. You can book an appointment with your audience to answer their questions, make a big announcement about a special offer or a new product launch. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it can be very powerful and it is certainly here to stay.

8. Behind the Scenes

Don’t we all want to peek behind the curtains every now and then to see what really goes on? Behind the scenes video footage, whether it demonstrates how you craft your products, how you plan your client services or even if it’s how you look after your health in business, there is an audience desperate to see what you have to offer. Consumers can end up detached from the processes, so show them how you make things, who your team is and educate them on how long you invest in each part of your process so they understand the value you bring them.

As Charlie Whyman, B2B Marketing Strategist and LinkedIn Trainer explains that there really are opportunities for everyone, even if you hate being on video: “I believe that the biggest video trend for 2021 will be to showcase behind-the-scenes footage and moments via stories and short-form-video content. I’ve always been a huge advocate for real and authentic marketing content, especially in a B2B context when you’re trying to stand out in front of other businesses.

I’ve always gained the most success when marketing behind the scenes content and video relating to employees and customers myself.  Video no longer needs to be polished and perfect 100% of the time and it’s good to have a mix. I’m looking forward to seeing more businesses adopt this kind of marketing and start to reap the rewards – it’s quicker to create and gives customers a more realistic view of what’s going on within that business – there’s so much power in this and a brilliant way to build trust and credibility”.

9. Video Podcasting

Podcasting was one of the biggest growth areas for content creation in the past year. In December 2020 Apple reported it was hosting 1.68million podcasts, compared to 550,000 just in December 2018. The ease with which you can set up at home and record a simple conversation and upload to a podcasting platform meant everyone thought they’d give it a go. Whilst many are audio-only, there has also been an explosion in the growth of Video Podcasts with YouTube positioned to become the next podcasting giant.

According to Business Insider 43% of monthly podcast listeners say they went to YouTube for podcasts in the past year, ahead of both Apple (34%) and Spotify (23%). Some video podcasts may simply be a recording of a platform such as Zoom, whilst others such as the one we produce for Krome Technologies can be professionally filmed and edited. With more than two-billion users worldwide, and still growing, YouTube is going to be the go-to platform for many podcast junkies in 2021. 

Just Do It!

Whether you choose to invest in your own equipment, or engage a professional production company, it is important to get over your fear and start creating. There are so many ways to present yourself on video, so be sure to research where your audience is spending time, and then make sure you’re turning up there for them.

Most people hate how they look, and sound, on-camera when they first see a recording of themselves. The more you do it, the easier it will become and the more relaxed you’ll be, so the better you’ll connect to your audience. As a former TV reporter I can give you tips and tricks on how to prepare yourself and coach you through those first uneasy sessions.

With 2021 having started with new national lockdowns and more uncertainty about face-to-face engagement, video is the best way to help speak directly to your audience and build trust in your business. How will you use video in 2021?

Do you still have questions about how video can help your business shine? Email for a free 30-minute consultation and let us help you tell your story.

Kaija Larke

Kaija Larke is a former BBC and BFBS journalist and founder of This Media Larke. She has travelled the world filming with the Armed Forces and for Businesses and Charities to create engaging, powerful content to tell stories that matter. She has a passion for storytelling through video which is only rivalled by her passion for drinking tea and sharing her knowledge with new connections.


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Caroline Woodwardreply
February 2, 2021 at 9:46 am

This is useful reading, thanks Kaija! We’re jumping in more as a Families Federation this year with video certainly and achieved our first webinar in January (phew!). Some helpful tips here and very much appreciated. Everyday’s a school day right?

February 2, 2021 at 10:36 am
– In reply to: Caroline Woodward

Thank you Caroline. It’s great to hear charities such as yours really embracing the power of video to reach wider audiences. Always happy to offer up some free advice on how you can get the best out of it.

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